Beijing excellent oriental technology co., LTD. Was established in 2003.In recent years, with the steady and steady development of professional chemicals in the world, we have also been more focused on the development and market expansion of special use chemicals in various chemical fields.At present our main areas covered include: organic silicon electronics industry, industrial coatings, building & dust suppression technology, industry, agriculture emulsion polymerization & adhesives & fertilizers, industrial ceramic, mining, textile & printing and dyeing industry.

Through years of technical cooperation with many foreign companies, we pay special attention to the application of special chemicals in various fields.We can provide many innovative products for these areas.Also provide solutions for customers.We advocate sustainable development, and adopted a series of positive measures, including: the stable product quality, the use of scientific management system, provide perfect after-sales service, to provide innovative environmental protection product, create applications such as transforming the industry products, constantly promote the sustainable development.